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a cynical feeling of distrust

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There was something pitiful in the man's talk, in that odd mixture of bitter cynicism and passionate earnestness, but there was also something fascinating.
With a cynicism with seemed only to become more bitter he pursued his undeviating and deliberate way.
Her whole face expressed a contemptuous and self-assured cynicism.
In its pride of numbers, in its strange pretensions of sanctity, and in the secret readiness to abase itself in suffering, the spirit of Russia is the spirit of cynicism.
What has it all been about, that's what I want to know," he went on with quiet cynicism.
Strickland interrupted my reflections with an observation the profound cynicism of which startled me.
At home, he now adopted an attitude of absolute cynicism, but he could not keep this up before Nastasia Philipovna, although he had sworn to make her pay after marriage for all he suffered now.
In other words, the transference of attachment style would be influenced less by their social cynicism than would a group of people brought up in the US.
I HAVE a certain amount of cynicism regarding Stockton Council's camera and audio recording enforcement vans.
In William Chaloupka's book Everybody Knows: Cynicism in America, the author succinctly defines cynicism as "the condition of lost belief" (xiv).
Job burnout is usually described according to three dimensions: (a) overwhelming exhaustion, (b) feelings of cynicism and detachment from the job, and (c) a sense of ineffectiveness and lack of accomplishment.
This is nothing against Dublin as most agree that any other team would have committed similar acts in those circumstances and Lee Keegan wasn't short of cynicism when trying to put Dean Rock off his match-winning free.
Accordingly, many studies have focused on organizational behavior aspects such as organizational cynicism, organizational citizenship behavior, employee inclusion, involvement and so on (Johnson & O'Leary- Kelly, 2003; Naus, Ad Van Iterson & Roe, 2007; Mousa & Alas, 2016).
Cynicism refers to the development of negative and distant feelings and attitudes toward other people (coworkers, students, etc.
This literary study seeks to develop a critical rhetoric for literary cynicism found in world literature after 1945.