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having a usually flat-topped flower cluster in which the main and branch stems each end in a flower that opens before those below it or to its side

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But what an idiosyncratic approach Silano takes in "To Know a Flower." As she often does, she fearlessly uses a specialized vocabulary--"mucronate," "tegules," "axillary," "cymose," "retrosely barbed," "cleistogamous." She raises the question: how to really know a flower?
Description: Fragrant, heathlike shrubs with tiny, white, pink, lavender, or red flowers in terminal cymose clusters.
Hermaphroditic flowers producing capsules were those in terminal positions of the main axis and axillary branches of the cymose inflorescence; in inflorescences of females, lateral flowers were more likely to mature capsules.
Each developing axillary bud of a prophyll can generate a complex branching system formed by enrichment axes of consecutive orders with their respective prophylls: a "rhipidial cymose branch system" (Gram, 1961; Jacques-Felix, 1961; Camara Hernandez & Gambino, 1990; Vegetti, 1994).
A cymose inflorescence with successive branches on one side only, normally coiled like a spring.
semiovata, the few-flowered cymose inflorescences develop from the leaf axils.
The staminate inflorescences are large, showy, loose, axillary, cymose panicles (thyrses), while the pistillate ones are small, obscure, congested, axillary, spicate cymes.
They produce few-flowered cymose inflorescences that develop from the leaf axils.