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more or less flat-topped cluster of flowers in which the central or terminal flower opens first

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For comparison, it may also be noted that the lateral female units (partial inflorescences) in Hedyosmum are cymes, as discussed in Endress (1987) based particularly on H.
Cymes, both of whose Polish-born grandfathers perished at Auschwitz, said he had little idea how extensive Nazi medical experiments had been until he started his own investigation.
Capitulas light yellow, solitary, with long peduncles, terminal, arranged in loose cymes. Involucral conical or cylindrical.
Inflorescence 2-3 mm wide, spicate, terminal and lateral, segmented; each fertile segment composed of two 3-flowered cymes, decussate, immersed in the pair of opposite scale--like bracts, arising from the node above.
Durante el I Congreso partidario, realizado en 1991, Lula afirmo que rechazaba tanto al capitalismo liberal como el socialismo estatista de tipo sovietico asi como tambien el modelo de socialdemocracia, ya que "esta via solo es pertinente para paises ricos capaces de destinar sus ingentes recursos al bienestar de la poblacion que ya tiene sobradamente cubierto sus minimos vitales" (Cymes, 2009: 4).
The large licensing campaign began with the music, says Franck Cymes, France Televisions' distribution senior VP of licensing.
The flowers appear to fit a generalist insect pollination syndrome as they are small and actinomorphic with white to yellowish or greenish petals, presented in dense clusters of racemose cymes (Fig.
Jack Hofer of Itta Bena and the late Marjorie Cymes Hofer of Memphis.
But in areas where the climate is less stable, this strategy may not work, and it may be more adaptive to produce racemes or cymes where only a fraction of the meristems produce flowers at any one time.
FLOWER DESCRIPTION: Yellow-red with paler throat, funnel-shaped with 5-parted corolla, appearing in small axillary cymes. Flowers in spring.
Capitulescence axillary, in few-headed cymes in the uppermost nodes or capitula solitary; peduncles short, commonly 2-2.5 cm long.
Unique Characteristics: flower borne in paired, terminal cymes; has a "spidery" appearance; florets are short-lived with buds continuing to open; prefers clear water to floral foam.
The inflorescence is a panicle of cymes. There are four calyx lobes.
Hal Cymes, classified advertising director at Ziff-Davis in the 1970s.
Abbe (1935, 1974) studied floral vasculatures of all genera of Betulaceae and concluded that the ancestral inflorescences of Betulaceae were compound spikes consisting of cymes each with three flowers and the most primitive flowers are bisexual and trimerous with tricarpellary ovaries.