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more or less flat-topped cluster of flowers in which the central or terminal flower opens first

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Daniel Desrosiers, general manager, Eaton's CYME International T&D, said, 'GridUnity continues to set new standards for innovation in distributed energy analytics software.
By the same token, Screech's attribution of the reference to "la double cyme" in Ovid's Metamorphoses may not have been wholly incorrect.
But in areas where the climate is less stable, this strategy may not work, and it may be more adaptive to produce racemes or cymes where only a fraction of the meristems produce flowers at any one time.
A simple cyme; an inflorescense having a central older flower and a pair of lateral branches bearing younger flowers.
A dichasial cyme, or dichasium (die-KAY-zee-um), has two opposite divisions or branches that arise below a terminal flower.
Several other works have been attributed to Ephorus, including a treatise on discoveries, another on the history and antiquities of Cyme, and an essay on style.
Sometimes one is defeated, for example by `Death's mew or Life's top cyme'; or something wanned it weariful.
From internal evidence (lines 636-640), it is assumed that the author's father migrated across the Aegean from Cyme in Aeolia because of poverty.
Different from Abbe's work on the flower and inflorescence structures of Betulaceae based on a comparative observation of the vascular systems of reproductive organs, several organogenesis studies using scanning electron microscopy (SEM) provided micromorphological data on primordial occurrences of reproductive organs for some genera, which were very useful in clarifying the number, arrangement, and homology of each part of flower, cyme, and inflorescence in Betulaceae (Chen et al., 2001; Zhu & Lu, 2008; Lin et al., 2010; Zhu et al., 2014a, b, c).
"A big part of that is helping businesses distinguish themselves in the new era of digital investing -- and not simply be seen as taking a Cyme too' approach.
"Too many analysts go with the CyMe, too' research that complements the status quo," she said.
"We also know most women think not so much in terms of Cyme,' but in terms of Cywe.' They are more apt than the typical man to consider their families' ecosystem and all the folks they have to provide for in terms of the solutions that are going to work for them, not just individually but their entire family."
Bracts unequal in form, 4 around flower pair of the primary cyme, the central bracts fused slightly up to halfway, the widest bract 2.0-3.0 mm wide, narrowly ovate or narrowly elliptic, apex entire or denticulate, 5-7 nerved, other bracts oblanceolate or lanceolate, 0.7-2.0 mm wide, fewer-nerved, adaxial surface sparsely pubescent from 2-seriate and fewer simple trichomes 0.2-0.4 mm long, setulose and setose with many simple hairs to 1.2 mm long, mostly stellate-puberulent and glandular-capitate on abaxial surface, margins setose up to apex.
"haste is best"; line 21: to gecyoanne, hwanan eowre cyme syndon: "to know, from where you come are": to gecyoanne is 'to make known, announce', a literal translation of the last four words in the line would be "whence your comings are".