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any of various plants of the genus Cymbidium having narrow leaves and a long drooping cluster of numerous showy and variously colored boat-shaped flowers

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The bride's four-tiered cake was adorned with crystal banding and Cymbidium orchids and featured a crystal-encrusted "P" as the topper.
Sikkim is also the indigenous homeland to many varieties of Cymbidium orchid and Lillium, which are presently harnessed by people across the world to establish a vibrant commercial cultivation worldwide through tissue culture and hybrid technology.
Cymbidium 'Red Baker' is another good choice, producing deep pink flower spikes in the autumn, which last well into winter.
Species in this category include Bulbophyllum tianguii, Cymbidium goeringii, C.
Plant regeneration from callus culture of Cymbidium ensifolium var.
Although Holly Mena, of La Mesa, California became involved with Cymbidium orchids and various other tropical plants 38 years ago, it was while working in nurseries around 1980 that she began her fascination with bromeliads.
A FEW weeks ago, I was lucky enough to bump into a lady from Honley who told me of her cymbidium collection.
Many florists now sell Cymbidium orchids, so look for one that has a couple or more flowering spikes that are just coming into bloom, rather than those that are already full out.
En las zonas muy aridas los cactus son las mas recomendadas, mientras que en las frias el cymbidium aguantara bastante bien.
EXPERT TIP Exotic cymbidium orchids, which are regarded as the beginner's orchid, have large, waxy flowers.
Caption: Jessica Christoferson, second from right, owner of Cymbidium Floral, Exeter, was honored recently as the November winner of the Emerging Young Entrepreneurs, or EYE, Award from Centrix Bank and New Hamphire Business Review.
It you are growing a cymbidium orchid indoors, be warned that it does not like being repotted and may not flower for several years.
to work with the American Orchid Society to develop a proposal for exempting artificially propagated hybrids of six popular orchid genera--Cattleya, Cymbidium, Dendrobium, Oncidium, Phalaenopsis, and Vanda--from CITES permitting requirements.
Her recent juicily painted birds perched among hollyhocks, cymbidium orchids, and berries provided--despite the scenes' Audubon-like arrangements--vehicles for the painter's unconventional amplifications of scale, heightened colors, and deliberate blurring of focus and distortion of perspective.