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a performer on the cymbals

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With the help of line drawings by Sara Hartland-Rowe, the author's sister, Rivka Cymbalist takes the reader through the stages of birth with clarity.
Cymbalist avoids demonizing hospital births as clearly as she avoids idealizing or romanticizing "natural" birth, in fact pointing out how many variations there are to what can be called natural.
Although Yankiel the Cymbalist and Berek Yoselevitch have their place in Polish historical memory, they function as symbolic figures; they were not allowed to speak for themselves.
He conjures from the air before him the scene of a cymbalist performing something by Bach in front of the Berlin Wall -- something that would be impossible to listen to because a man banging cymbals together outside the context of an orchestra is somehow unimaginable.
"How can an intelligent, respectable human being one day decide he will become a professional cymbalist?" he asks.