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a percussion instrument consisting of a concave brass disk

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Asi Cymbal had this to say this morning about the deal, "The Beaker & Gray team have proven themselves as masters of unique food and drink.
line can each be played by the bass drum and crash cymbal, except for
PICTURE: JULIAN HUGHES | Ryan Simons and Jamie Cymbal of Quickfoot Films, of the Media Centre, Huddersfield, who are heading for Cannes
She says he picked up a large cymbal from a display and hit it hard just four or five feet from her ear.
The conventional bandpass filter has two cymbal shapes connected by cascaded coupling.
In an age when multi-billion dollar companies struggle to survive, a small family-owned company called Zidjian continues to manufacture cymbals as it has for almost four hundred years.
Meanwhile, drummer Cleaver was percolating behind Bynum's brass musings and had picked up his drumsticks to get a groove going, boosting the beat with some deft footwork on the bass drum and hi-hat cymbal. When Bynum picked up his cornet again, Cleaver suddenly doubled the tempo.
* Loud music and cymbal rat-tat-tatting - everywhere.
And the cleverly-titled Cymbalism series is made of, what else, old cymbals. So far she has a Love Cymbal, Peace Cymbal and Status Cymbal.
Standing a few inches from the bear was a penguin holding a cymbal in each paw (do penguins have paws?
According to the Mishna, in those days people blew trumpets, strummed harps and lyres, played the flute and beat the cymbal. It is written that the sounds of the flute and the cymbal were so loud they could be heard even in Jericho, "you who pluck the strings of the lute and invent musical instruments like David" (Amos 6:5).
(Braintree MA) received expanded approval to collect two red blood cells on the company's Cymbal Automated Blood Collection System from female donors who are at least 150 pounds and are 63 inches in height.
During the afternoon of the show all of the band's drummers were invited to the nearby Paiste cymbal factory and given a set of cymbals each.
Paul had some advice for them and all of us: "If I speak in human and angelic tongues but do not have love, I am a resounding gong or a clashing cymbal."
Kenneth Cymbal, a chartered life underwriter at Met Life, said the level of creditor protection offered on life insurance policies varies by state.