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having the form of a cylinder


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Pohl suspects that the cylindrical seal was used to imprint clothing with the King 3 Ajaw symbol.
It has been known since 1895 that the type of epithelium in the nasal mucosa varies by anatomic site, being of a stratified squamous type in the anterior portion of the nasal cavity and of a cylindrical ciliated type in the most posterior portion.
In this case, cylindrical waves with planar phase front propagate inside the waveguide and are transformed to spherical waves in the conical horn with a spherical cap aperture.
The system labels vials, ampules, jars and other cylindrical items in diameters ranging from .
Dielectric ring resonators offer advantages over cylindrical resonators (CR) in some practical applications.
Porous cylindrical implant for ventral spinal fusion, porous cylindrical implant for ventral spinal fusion, porous cylindrical implant for ventral spinal fusion, porous cylindrical implant for ventral spinal fusion
Cylindrical valve installed between the stay and guide vane of mixed-flow hydraulic turbine boasts many advantages such as self-closing ability, less hydraulic loss, effective protection to the distributor, small land occupation in factory, and small investment.
Cylindrical container approximately 25-30 ml, transparent polystyrene.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Dec 17 (ANI): Two gold cylindrical bars worth Rs 56.
In that case transverse force, that is a component of a swash plate reaction force, inclines a piston axis with respect to a cylindrical bore axis, which leads to high contact stresses where the piston contacts edges of the cylindrical bore and, therefore, to higher friction forces and reducing efficiency of the hydraulic machine [3].
And many methods were used to study free vibration and forced vibration of cylindrical shells based on different theories.
recently introduced its full Revolvo split cylindrical roller bearing housed unit line to the North American marketplace.
Timken said the Revolvo split cylindrical roller bearing housed units are widely used by mining and other industries, and are fully interchangeable with most split cylindrical bearing configurations in the market today.
Key statement: A method of forming a tire innerliner having a cylindrical inner rubber layer and a cylindrical film formed of a thermoplastic resin or a thermoplastic elastomer composition having a thermoplastic resin and an elastomer blended therewith.
In this study a vibration analysis was performed of an isotropic cylindrical shell submerged in fluid resting on Winkler and Pasternak elastic foundations for simply supported boundary condition.