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having the form of a cylinder


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Cells cylindric, 4-6 [micro]m diameter and 6-12 [micro]m long.
As we can see, the main forms of mycoliths are elongated (cylindric, acicular, etc.), Figures 1 and 2, and irregular ruminate, Figures 3 and 4.
Etymology: The prefix is derived from Latin cylindrus (cylindric); in reference to the characteristic metasoma with one large cylinder of a tergite behind petiole.
Consequently, they integrated wireless transceivers and switching logic within each server node and allocate them in cylindric racks to establish a semi-regular mesh topology.
During the process, the melt is covered with the Ar/SF6 cover gas mixture and it is poured into the cylindric molds afterwards.
The cylindric shape was selected to fit the trees along the measurement track (see Figure 5).
Entonox which is a composition of 50% [N.sub.2]O and 50% [O.sub.2] compacted in cylindric containers was commercially introduced in 1961.
Maddux, "Introductory course on relations algebras, finite-dimensional cylindric algebras, and their interconnections," Colloquium Mathematical Society, vol.
Conidia solitary, thin and smooth walled, cylindric to cylindro-obclavate, 0-8 septate, obconic base, subobtuse to bluntly rounded tip, 10-130 x 4-6 u m.
Stipe: 1-1.5cm long and 1-2mm wide, cylindric, position central, surface fibrillose, concolor with the pileus.
Macroscopically, FEP are typically are 1 to 5-cm in length and most often smooth, elongated and cylindric.[sup.4] They generally appear as multiple finger-like projections arising from a single base and have the ability to grow large enough to cause an obstruction.
Patients with spheric values over [+ or -] 3.0D or cylindric values over [+ or -] 1.0D and with history of chronic ocular/systemic disease or contact lens usage were excluded from the study.
When a permutation is 321-avoiding affine Grassmannian, the balanced labellings coincide with semi-standard cylindric tableaux, and they yield the cylindric Schur function of Postnikov [Pos05].
It is well known that we are able to make the extensional algebraization of the FOL by using the cylindric algebras [25] that are the extension of Boolean algebras with a set of binary operators for the FOL identity relations and a set of unary algebraic operators ("projections") for each case of FOL quantification ([there exists]x).