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Cylinder locks allow you to improve security simply by buying a higher profile cylinder.
The new style of cylinder lock cannot be cracked open using the "molegripping" technique which is responsible for a high proportion of burglaries.
Be certain the cylinder locks into the bolt stop as the hammer is moved to the full cock notch.
We recommend that all vulnerable doors using Euro-Profile cylinder locks be upgraded to incorporate 'Break Secure' cylinders.
With manual rotating booms, a hydraulic cylinder locks the boom in place for added stability and safety.
The key cylinder locks on the passenger-side door and rear luggage compartments have been eliminated.
A new line of Segen Quick Change cylinder locks is claimed to improve the safety, reliability, and efficiency of quick mold changeovers.
Tooling Technology introduced a new product to its line of Segen Quick Change cylinder locks at the recent SPE Thermoforming Conference.
Much to the concern of police and others, the bumping technique, which can open common pin-type cylinder locks in seconds, has been described in detail on one of the most globally popular sites for young people on the internet.
For single or back to back fixing, opposing K-Lock handles on back to back door installations are linked by horizontal tubular cross struts carrying standard Euro profile cylinder locks secured by a steel dead bolt.
Lynx security cylinder locks operate using a worldwide-patented locking system.
Kryptonite immediately began offering upgrades for purchasers of certain models, giving these customers the option to exchange the vulnerable tubular cylinder locks for new disc-style cylinder locks.
Kryptonite, the company that makes the top-selling U-shaped bike locks and heavy-duty chains, said it will give a free replacement to people with the suspect tubular cylinder locks.
Euro cylinder locks, ideal replacement for uPVC windows and doors, approx pounds 5 each, Sterling Locks (www.
Nowadays, when keys are lost, locksmiths routinely pick Yale-type conventional cylinder locks with common pin tumblers.