cylinder lock

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a lock in which a cylinder rotates to move a bolt

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When replacing the cylinder lock pin in the ejector, its larger end goes toward the front of the assembly.
The handle will then push out and extend, uncovering the cylinder lock and allowing conventional entrance into the household.
The centre console and glove box are both fitted with a key cylinder lock to protect valuables when hardtop is down.
Segen quick-change devices consist of a steel cylinder lock and corresponding knob.
A cylinder lock (also known as a Yale lock) is easy to install and even easier to replace.
Consisting of a steel cylinder lock and a corresponding knob, the device is designed to receive and mate with a conical male knob, locating and positioning the knob to within 0.
The ML Key Control System from Master Lock has an innovative added cylinder lock to make key-controlled security cost-effective for most applications.
While the Bic trick is a concern for any product that uses a tubular cylinder lock, including vending machines and ignition systems, Kryptonite (as well as Master Lock, which also makes tubular cylinder locks) now faces a host of lawsuits claiming that the company touted their locks' effectiveness even though it knew of the vulnerability for over 10 years.
In the latest announcement, the company expanded the offer to all those who own a Kryptonite tubular cylinder lock.
At a hearing regarding a tenant at a 1,100-unit complex in Manhattan, handled by a different attorney that came before a judge on Friday, the computer listed one "C" violation from 1992 for a double cylinder lock, which is considered a tenant-caused violation.
In 1865 an American locksmith, Linus Yale (1821-1868), patented a cylinder lock with tumblers that had to be brought into a certain alignment if the lock was to open.
For 50 years hence, the Bramah cylinder lock was the most difficult lock to pick.
Standard configurations suit a variety of general applications with traditional insert key and cylinder lock options, wing knobs, as well as T and L handles.
A shroud was added to the bottom of the barrel to enclose and protect the ejector rod, and this 1st Model became known as the Triple-Lock due to the addition of a third cylinder lock.
1 Ensure front door does not just display one cylinder lock.