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(baseball) a hit that flies straight out from the batter

a piece of cloth that is used as the inside surface of a garment

a large commercial ship (especially one that carries passengers on a regular schedule)

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These include cylinder liner distortion [8, 9] -which has mainly focused on blow-by and cylinder friction; the dynamics of the piston assembly [10] - in particular the secondary motion of the piston assembly and the reciprocating masses influencing the volume trace; the strain and stress distribution in cylinder blocks [11]; and the parts directly adjacent to the cylinders, including the cylinder head gasket [12], the cylinder head, and the exhaust valves [13].
Figure 5 explains the effect of increasing TiN coating thickness on its hardness with respect to the two different levels of the roughness of the grey cast iron cylinder liners. Hardness appears to be strongly dependent on the thickness of the coating.
Caption: Figure 2: Distortion patterns on the inner surface of different cylinder liners.
CRISIL's ratings on the bank facilities of Liners India Ltd (LIL) continue to reflect LIL's established presence in the cylinder liner industry backed by its diversified customer base, and moderate financial risk profile.
Perhaps the most widely used products are cylinder liners, which are available in bores from 40 to 600 mm and lengths of 20 to 1000 mm.
In the process of thoroughly cleaning and resurface cylinder liners from top to bottom, some hones could get hung up.
Metalock Engineering, which employs about 65 people, undertook a survey of the work and carried out the necessary reboring work and manufacture and installation of two new cylinder liners.
said Wednesday it has agreed with Federal-Mogul Group of Turkey to set up a joint plant in an Istanbul suburb to produce cylinder liners for automobile engines.
for contributions of cylinder liners, and Greg Beshouri, president, AETC for technical assistance, The review of this article and technical comments provided by Charles E.
of sales and marketing, explains that most tool-steel cylinder liners are made up of short segments.
Oil is not needed in the pistons as the piston rods themselves have non lubricated packings and self-lubricated composite PTFE piston rings that run in corrosion-resistant, replaceable austenitic iron cylinder liners. The W-configuration of the unit's three cylinder stages gives a compact design, which minimizes vibration, as does the low rotational speed of just 735rpm.
The Johnson Matthey catalytic systems division in Wayne, Pa., offers a turbocharger and blower, along with cams, cylinder liners, pistons, and fuel injectors, as a kit to replace original components during engine rebuilding.
Fluoroelastomers are used under the hood in engine parts including crankshaft seals, seals for cylinder liners, valve stem seals and also in fuel system parts - filter gaskets, tubing and injections pump seals.
As a result, bearings, cylinder liners, piston rings, wrist pins and valve stems can become pitted by acid -- requiring early replacement.