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a writing implement with a small toothed wheel that cuts small holes in a stencil

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print with an implement with small toothed wheels that cuts small holes in a stencil

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1962: (ed.) 'Portrait of a Cameroonian: an autobiography of Maxwell Gabana Fohtung', cyclostyled.
Given the long, cyclostyled nature of the paper, Hissam imagined it might be a warrant or an order of release, unless it was a permission for special interrogations.
Edward Thompson and John Saville began publishing their cyclostyled journal, The Reasoner.
Gone are the days when government departments used to send a cyclostyled letter saying, "your letter has been received and the matter is under consideration".
(9) SLRS Annual Report SLRS cyclostyled documents, Karigiri, 1964-65.
The Circle of Friends of Jazz and Modern Popular Music brought together those involved in Prague jazz life and from 1956 put out a cyclostyled bulletin and organised lectures and concerts.
They did not think of that, nor of the grubby, ink-blotched programme, cyclostyled on an office machine, nor the makeshift boxing ring in a cleared skittle alley - these were inessential details.
There was a cyclostyled form for each member which vertically recorded 10 to 12 qualities like capacity for hard work, job efficiency, general knowledge, personal behaviour, character and so on, while the members whose names appeared horizontally in the some sheet had to grade their colleagues accordingly, which had been explained in detail on the same form.
Student protests, anti-universities, street theatre, cyclostyled magazines, filmmaking, art, feminist manifestos, and demonstrations proliferated.
The first "edition" was a cyclostyled volume ("polycop"), distributed by the Centre de Documentation Universitaire, on page 112 of which the eye is caught by the isolated middle paragraph that concludes with the statement "It is poverty that humanity, as a whole, still suffers from today.
Table 1 lists, in alphabetical order, the range of products and processes identified by nine therapists in the 11 cyclostyled pages of the newsletter.