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a writing implement with a small toothed wheel that cuts small holes in a stencil

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print with an implement with small toothed wheels that cuts small holes in a stencil

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In Volponi, between realism and visionariness, we have one of the most dramatic diagnoses of the great industrial pathology of Italy; and in the coeval avant-garde works, we find the rhetorical excesses of a scholar who turned revolution into a problem of grammar (Sanguineti) and the cyclostyle imagination of a transgressive pencil-pusher (Balestrini).
By 1891, however, a printing press was requisite equipment for any organ wishing to make a written contribution to political discourse, no matter how radical or fringe its politics, and the Russian exile Stepniak--a fixture on the London radical scene-complained that the cyclostyle paper was unreadable and a mere "children's magazine.
A year before writing to the NAACP, Shoniwa, who had a reputation for making grandiose statements, claims to have registered with the government a proposed cyclostyle monthly, The African Messenger: A Journal of Political and Economic Conditions in Southern Africa.
Tenders are invited for Spares Parts For Gastetner Ricoh Make Copy Printer Cyclostyle Machine, Type 20 A-4 Drum Unit Model 5308