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Males may forage opportunistically on these prey while in transit but their principal prey appear to be benthic animals located along the continental margin, possibly elasmobranchs and cyclostomes. Once the specific prey consumed by elephant seals are identified, it will be possible to determine the relative energy density of the prey consumed by both sexes.
An unusually large cyclostome bryozoan (Pennipora anomalopora) from the Upper Cretaceous of Maastricht.
The outcomes of interference competition between cyclostomes and cheilostomes were recorded on panels at three sites at Lough Hyne and at various depths: Rapids, 3 m; Rapids, 6 m; Whirlpool, 6 m; Whirlpool, 12 m; Labhra, 6 m; and Labhra, 12 m.
Peak recruitment of the two clades was, as at Signy Island, out of phase but in a regular manner: cyclostomes peaked just before cheilostomes in each study year.
Histochemical distribution of peroxidase in amphioxus and cyclostomes with special reference to the endostyle.
The lamprey, which is a cyclostome, has spermatozoa that carry a spherical acrosomal vesicle at the anterior end of their heads, subacrosomal material between the acrosome and the nucleus, and a long perforatorium rod through the nucleus (Follenius, 1965; Stanley, 1967; Nicander and Sjoden, 1971; Jaana and Yamamoto, 1981) [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 6B OMITTED].
Reproduction in cyclostome fishes and its regulation.
In these free-walled cyclostomes (suborder Rectangulata) there is a gradation between the granular fabric and a succeeding foliated fabric of elongate crystallites that are distally oriented and imbricated.
With further investigation of fossil and Recent cyclostomes it should be possible to evaluate this and other skeletal ultrastructures as phylogenetic characters.
The more pronounced pressor responses observed in the trout, toadfish, and eel suggest that teleosts may be more sensitive to the pressor actions of ANGII than are cyclostomes and elasmobranches.
One of the Foundation's first projects was a series of scholarly books titled "Fishes of the Western North Atlantic." The first volume of the series, published in 1948, covered lancelets, cyclostomes, and sharks.
Fishes of the Western North Atlantic, Lancelets, cyclostomes, and sharks.
This volume contains 13 chapters on the phylogeny, anatomy, and physiology of ancient fishes, focusing on cyclostomes, chondrosteans, and holosteans, including eel, lungfishes, teleosts, garfishes, hagfish, and sturgeon.