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However, these structures are reduced in Nolella larvae and completely lacking in cyclostome larvae such as Crisia (Nielsen, 1970).
Cyclostome and cheilostome bryozoans occur together in most benthic lithophyllic assemblages, across latitudinal and longitudinal spectra, and frequently in direct competition for space and food (e.
New investigations of cyclostome bryozoans have shown that calcitic semi-nacre is widespread, particularly in the fixed-walled suborders Tubuliporina and Articulata.
Fishes of the Western North Atlantic, Lancelets, cyclostomes, and sharks.
This volume contains 13 chapters on the phylogeny, anatomy, and physiology of ancient fishes, focusing on cyclostomes, chondrosteans, and holosteans, including eel, lungfishes, teleosts, garfishes, hagfish, and sturgeon.
Fishes of the Western North Atlantic Part One: Lancelets, Cyclostomes, Sharks.
1964) and its ontogenic development and architecture have attained progressive sophistication from the primitive cyclostomes to the higher vertebrates (Good et al.
Cheilostomes were distributed among all units sampled but cyclostomes were found only in the Prairie Bluff Formation.
He begins by describing the renal components and their functions, and then describes how they are developed and used by elasmobranchs, osteichthyans, cyclostomes, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals.
Nevertheless, prey remains from elephant seal stomachs show that they feed on a variety of epi- and mesopelagic, bioluminescent cephalopods, teleosts such as Pacific Hake, Merluccius productus, crustaceans, elasmobranchs, cyclostomes, and tunicates.
Jackson and McKinney (1990) found that, in the Mesozoic and Cenozoic, communication among zooids was more extensive in cheilostomes than in cyclostomes and that cheilostomes largely replace cyclostomes, which implies a trend in mean degree of individuation for bryozoans as a whole.
Timing of genome duplications relative to the origin of the vertebrates: did cyclostomes diverge before or after?