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Synonyms for cyclorama

a picture (or series of pictures) representing a continuous scene

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Specifically, Bradford drew inspiration from Paul Philippoteaux's cyclorama The Battle of Gettysburg (1883), an enormous, 360-degree depiction of Pickett's Charge which toured the US, offering 19th-century viewers an immersive experience of the US Civil War's decisive moment.
The renovated building houses a 2,000-SF sound stage that includes a 61-foot cyclorama wall with green screen and multiple background options and a 14-foot lighting grid.
The Gettysburg Cyclorama: The Turning Point of the Civil War on Canvas
Virtual scenes refer to single color backgrounds like Cyclorama, or playful scenes like outer space or heaven.
Critique: Unique, emotive, engaging, and a fitting free verse memorial and testament, "Cyclorama" will have special appeal to American Civil War enthusiasts, re-enactors, and scholars--as well as non-specialist general readers with an interest in poetry arising from and inspired by the battlefields of long forgotten conflicts.
Ross Video has also teamed with industry leaders to provide the best third party systems to offer complete solutions including Fujinon ZA & HA lenses, Ikegami HDL-45E HD cameras, ProCyc System 4QS freestanding cyclorama green screen with expanded corner, ETC SmartFade 1248 DMX lighting control panel, and KinoFlo Image 47, ParaBeam 410 & 210 DMX lighting fixtures.
On our last day in USA, we visited the Atlantic City 'Cyclorama' theater and the civil war museum.
stage with a cyclorama and green-screen digital compositing equipment.
The costumes of Catherine Zuber and set designs of Scott Pask were extremely pretty, though 1 wonder if the extensive use of wrought-iron gates against a neutral cyclorama dominating both sets prevented the sound from projecting well, even to the seventh row.
Fashion isn't normally seen against a cyclorama, but here you could see clothing against a color scheme and background that each designer could play with--or fade out, so that it's just the audience reflected in the mirrors.
The Aqaba entertainment resort was brought to life at the event via a purpose-built cyclorama with 360-degree virtual reality projection, which presented break-through technology that will feature in two major interactive attractions, including a 4D simulation ride, which is said to be a global first.
The 184-acre themed entertainment resort was 'virtually' brought to life at a purpose-built cyclorama with 360-degree virtual reality projection, designed to give delegates attending the World Economic Forum in Jordan a taste of the Red Sea Astrarium experience.
Details of the 184-acre themed entertainment resort were revealed via a purpose-built cyclorama with 360-degree virtual reality projection.
The famous 1884 cyclorama painting of the battle (which I'd seen in the '80s) recently underwent a multi-million-dollar restoration, and today, it's extraordinary.