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a colorless flammable gas sometimes used as an inhalation anesthetic

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The stress tolerance of G bacteria may be related to the existence of cyclopropane fatty acid in the membrane, as well as the external lipopolysaccharide layer, which has greater tolerance to conditions of stress (Kaur et al.
Involvemente of cyclopropane fatty acids in the response of Pseudomonas putida KT2440 to freeze drying.
The conclusions drawn from this were that the monosubstituted ligand of interest did not enantiospecifically synthesize the cyclopropane, although the reasons for this outcome are still being analyzed.
The sesquiterpene aromadendrene bears a reactive exocyclic methylene group and a cyclopropane ring which can alkylate proteins and thereby disturb the conformation of protein.
1, Group C, and Class I, Zone 0, Group liB hazardous locations containing ethyl-ether vapors, ethylene, or cyclopropane.
Pynchon's physical world continues to be ontologically unstable in recognizably postmodern fashions: an old head wound lets Foley Walker predict what horse will win the race (101-2); ingesting a hallucinogenic mixture of cyclopropane plus dynamite permits precognition of dynamite explosions (184); airships can sail under sand (434); an ocean liner splits into two ships, one military, one passenger (515-16); photographs of a corpse can be run back in time to show who killed it or a portrait can be run forward to show what an old friend is doing now (1048-49).
Young showed that the combination of a hydroxylamine 1, aldehyde 2 and cyclopropane 3 produces substituted tetrahydro-1,2-oxazines 5 via the in situ generation of a nitrone 4.
In the February Molecular Pharmacology, Franks, Lieb, and their colleagues reported that xenon, nitrous oxide, and cyclopropane could, at least in test-tube experiments on cells, regulate the activity of yet another group of membrane proteins, ones that control the flow of potassium ions into cells.
Table The safety of selected drugs in patients susceptible to malignant hyperthermia Do not use (trigger agents) Cyclopropane Depolarizing muscle relaxants (e.
The GoBook MAX is certified under "Intrinsically Safe and Non-Incendive Systems" for hazardous locations (Class 1, Division 2, Group D), which means it can be operated in environments that may include flammable gases or volatile liquids ranging from acetone and ammonia to cyclopropane and benzene.
The Interaction between chloroform, flouroform, cyclopropane, and an OH.