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a developmental abnormality in which there is only one eye

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He/she chooses an object about 15 to 20 feet away and looks at it through the aperture, then alternates closing the eyes or slowly draws opening back to the head to determine which eye is viewing the object, that is the dominant eye The possible results include right ocular dominance, left ocular dominance and cyclopean eye (6).
Through this cyclopean eye we travel through Venice in one work, London in another, as though on a roller-coaster ride, the vanishing point of our breathless scanning perpetually kicked down the road.
The associate perception is specified at the cyclopean eye in accordance with Wells [4] and Hering's [2] laws of visual direction and their modification by Mapp and Ono [9].
But was Critchley aware of the ironies involved in saying that he would fix 'an unblinking Cyclopean eye' on the Hegel column of Glas (p.
understood at the winking of the sun's Cyclopean eye