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resembling a circle


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The general scheme of diffusion machine with ten cycloidal gear drives is shown in Fig.
Diaconescu et al., "The dynamic modeling of a new cycloidal planetary gear pair with rollers used in robots orientation system," The Scientific Bulletin of Electrical Engineering Faculty, vol.
A cycloidal rotor is a rotating wing device, capable of producing both rotorcraft lift and propulsion via the rotation of a number of blades about an axis that is parallel to the blade span.
As per study of [10,11] that as compared with conventional taper fluid film shape, new surface profile (cycloidal, catenoidal, exponential, polynomial) are found to offer a significant increase in the load-carrying capacity as well as a considerable reduction in the coefficient of friction.
Kim, "Optimization of cycloidal water turbine and the performance improvement by individual blade control," Applied Energy, vol.
Powered by either twin Azimuthing drives (an eggbeater-like propeller in a housing that can spin 360 degrees) or twin Voith Schneider propellers (a cycloidal drive driven by vertical blades), the tugs can spin on a dime.
The topics include recent research on magnesium alloy melting technology, abrasive flow machining for the outer rotor of a cycloidal pump, the dynamic analysis of the leveling mechanism of a new goose-neck jib gondola, simulation research on the climbing ability of a shovel loader with four tracks, and a piezoelectric energy harvester for wireless sensors.
Generally the trajectory of the swing foot of human is a cycloidal profile in normal walking (5).
Thus the Stokes solution to the wave equation should be included to describe the cycloidal movement of the water particles.
The five volume Trilogy on Thought, Being, and Action addresses this nisus: "[A]n unfolding, an explication, of the thesis on Action into all its ramifications of Thought and Being." Blondel characterizes his later method as "cycloidal, where reason advances by considering ever higher viewpoints, which it then takes to be necessary for its own integrity."
Its developer, Bavarian aviation technology house Bauhaus Luftfahrt , and Munich-based consultancy Atena Engineering, which built the prototype, say the hybrid is an alternative to the helicopter or tiltrotor for vertical take-off aircraft and combines two systems: the cycloidal propeller and the Flettner rotor (named after its inventor Anton Flettner, who used the principle to power a ship in the 1920s).
According to Myostat, a cycloidal drive or cycloidal speed reducer is a mechanism for reducing the speed of an input shaft by a certain ratio.
The electrons, present in this zone, carry out complicated cycloidal motion and in collision with the gas molecules cause ionisation of the latter, generating positive ions which are accelerated in the electrical field, bombard the surface of the target-cathode and knockout material particles from the surface.
If an observer tries to measure the diameter of a moving atom, he will see the reduced thickness of the cycloidal loop.