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Synonyms for cycloid

a line generated by a point on a circle rolling along a straight line

resembling a circle


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These include the VIPER 500 multifunctional machine, with which Klingelnberg is making a move into cycloid gearing and therefore the world of robotics too.
Lockhart employs graphed curves to represent and analyze moving points, such as a point on a circle rolling along a line, which produces a cycloid path.
They concluded that La doping increased ferromagnetism due to breaking of spin cycloid structure.
where [theta] is the rotation angle of the circle in the cycloid, as shown in Figure 7(a).
which is in fact the application of fractional integral of order [alpha], where the equation of cycloid is ds/dy = T([square root of 2g]/[pi])(1/[square root of y]).
D--the system is composed of 'cycloid arcs' delimiting test points at the ends, and section should align with the arrow of the frame.
The general morphology of the Tilapia is a rectangular body-shaped, covered with deep cycloid or cteniod scales.
The volume fractions ([V.sub.v]) were defined by point (P) and intercept (I) counting using a cycloid grid and Stereology Toolbox (Morphometrix, Davis, CA) for a minimum of 200 points.
The parking actuator was based on the previous hybrid shift-by-wire system actuator, which features a combination of an SR motor and cycloid reduction gear.
The center of the locomotion unit moves on a trajectory, as shown in Figure 3, that is similar to a cycloid and depends on the stair dimensions.
Among other possible functions such as quintic, we propose a cycloid function defined by
RV reducer is a two-stage planetary gear train which joins involute gears and cycloid gears together.
Planning machine is used very often in technology of solid wood panels gluing, with its main disadvantage resulting in cycloid surface formed due to rotation of tool and simultaneous linear movement of work piece.
The functions of standard motions include harmonic, cycloid, modified harmonic, trapezoidal, modified trapezoidal, and polynomial.