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a person who rides a bicycle

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"When in your report you said that you had seen the cyclist as you thought arrange his necktie in the shrubbery, that alone should have told me all.
But don't judge every cyclist by the actions of the ones you saw, just as I don't judge every motorist by the actions of drivers who change lanes without warning or thought, who run red lights, and who race their cars.
Jim Dodson Law recently partnered with local bike commuter, David Sandman, to increase public awareness of the “3 feet Please” law in Florida by having decals placed on all Largo police cruisers to remind drivers of their responsibility to allow three feet of clearance when passing a cyclist on the road.
M2 EQUITYBITES-August 16, 2012--Markel American Insurance launches cyclist coverage(C)2012 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
A cyclist was let off with a warning for careless cycling during a police operation to keep riders safe.
NEWS BRIEFING Cyclist suffers head injuries A cyclist has been left fighting for his life after being found seriously injured on a road near Stourbridge.
The schedule of the Championship is, April 15, 500 Meters Time Trail (One Cyclist Each University), 1000 Meters Sprint (One Cyclist Each University), 3-KM Individual Pursuit (One Cyclist Each University), 1-KM Team Sprint (Three Cyclist Each University).
There were 41 incidents on the route between 2015 and 2017 in which a cyclist was seriously or slightly hurt, according to official police data.
General event Cyclists Day is held in the capital of Mongolia on October 13, which is organized by Ulan Bator mayor's office with the assistance of the Committee of Public Physical Education and Sports, the Federation of Cyclists and the Young Cyclist Club, Montsame reports.
However, while there is a clear disparity between the relationships of drivers and cyclists, the survey did find that three quarters (74.4%) of drivers in the UK do empathise with cyclists and the frustrations that they must feel on the roads, perhaps when someone overtakes too closely, or brakes suddenly without seeming to see a cyclist in their mirror.
Summary: Sharjah Police released CCTV footage on social media that showed when a cyclist was run over by a speeding vehicle
Each cyclist on the road is also one less car to get in the way of motorists and the excellent protective clothing now available ("lycra") helps to keep us riding all through the year, keeping pollution levels and congestion down.
So, in the interests of safety for all, I urge motorists to leave five feet while passing a cyclist and perhaps use the horn for its intended purpose and give a friendly toot to let us know you want to pass - we may not have heard you after all.