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the quality of recurring at regular intervals

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Various biological and environmental factors, such as herd, cow parity, BCS at 1 month postpartum and first AI, resumption of cyclicity within 1 month of calving (determined by the existence of a CL using ultrasonography), year, AI season, insemination at detected estrus (IDE) or timed AI, peri- and postpartum disorders (dystocia, retained placenta, septicemic metritis, clinical endometritis, ketosis, milk fever, and abomasal displacement), and calving to first AI interval, were evaluated.
Therefore, to more fully characterize the effects of BPA and BPAF on hormonal cyclicity and, consequently, indirect effects on endometriosis lesion growth, we examined estrous cyclicity.
In the structure (40c), the hierarchical structure approach predicts that the evaluative derivation should be masculine, while the cyclicity approach again predicts unknown gender, as in (40b).
Postpartum cyclicity was not affected by the productive system (TABLE III); however, OC showed an advance in luteal tissue presentation compared to the CC (P <0.05).
However, when the resumption of ovarian cyclicity occurs after this period, the calving interval increases; it is the second most common cause of reproductive deficiency and causes high economic losses to the producers (Borges et al., 2009).
Based on the facies stacking patterns and cyclicity in the chronostratigraphic context, the strata are subdivided into six third-order depositional sequences (DS1-DS6).
Although this strategy at times may distract the reader from the principal theme of the essay, which is to bring out the ironic cyclicity of the Western critical paradigms, it has been adopted herein to differentiate it from its deconstructive counterparts in Western criticism.
No longer fit for embracing, her arms "Are slender and bony, / Hardly worth the trouble." Yet she remembers that "I wore out my youth first / And glad I did," even though "My days drinking spirits / And wine with kings are gone." Old age has at last taught her the cyclicity of life:
Skin-to-skin contact (kangaroo care) promotes self-regulation in premature infants: sleep-wake cyclicity, arousal modulation, and sustained exploration.
The reciprocal resistance distance is also called electrical conductance, Klein and Ivanciuc [9] investigated QSAR and QSPR molecular descriptors computed from the resistance distance and electrical conductance matrices, and they proposed the global cyclicity index C(G) as
Results: Compared to the nEOEE group, the incidence of daily seizure attacks, more than two types of convulsions, more than two antiepileptic drugs (AEDs) application, severely abnormal aEEG background, absence of cyclicity, and more than two seizures detection were significantly higher in the EOEE group (P < 0.05) (97% vs.
In Section 5.1 I suggest that it could possibly be the case that cyclicity needs to be relativized.
Anti-Mullerian hormone, adiponectin, follicle-stimulating hormone, oestrogen, fasting insulin, fasting glucose, homeostasis model of assessment of insulin resistance, antral follicle count, hirsutism score, weight, menstrual cyclicity and ovulatory function were assessed at baseline and following 12 weeks of supervised aerobic exercise.
and Dmitriev, P.B.: 2016, Palaeoclimate and solar activity cyclicity 100-150 million years ago.