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Synonyms for guanosine

a nucleoside component of DNA

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As vascular tone is finely regulated by cyclic nucleotides levels in the vascular smooth muscle, we have investigated the effect of BFBO on relaxations induced by agents elevating either cyclic GMP or cyclic AMP.
To make this discovery, Pfeifer and colleagues used mice to show that cyclic GMP reduced the secretion of pro-inflammatory hormones, which, in turn, shifted the "color code" of fat from white to brown.
The pharmacological and physiological role of cyclic GMP in vascular smooth muscle relaxation.
Evidence that an L-arginine/nitric oxide dependent elevation of tissue cyclic GMP content is involved in depression of vascular reactivity by endotoxin.
In the present study, we found that the second messenger cyclic GMP may also be involved in the increase in midgut E-20-M activity (enzyme activity measured by radioassay).
By blocking PDE5, Viagra ensures that more cyclic GMP remains available to stimulate a sexual response.
Viagra blocks an enzyme called cyclic GMP, which in turn promotes erection.
The longer that chemical, called cyclic GMP, stays around, the better chance of an erection.
The drug is called sildenfil and works by increasing levels of cyclic GMP, which sounds good.
A Novel Role of Cyclic GMP in Colonic Sensory Neurotransmission in Healthy and TNBS-treated Mice, a poster of distinction presented by Stuart Brierley, Ph.
and cyclic GMP and protects against oxidative stress elicited by proinflammatory agonists.
Erections end when another enzyme, phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE5), breaks down cyclic GMP.
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