cycle rickshaw

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a tricycle (usually propelled by pedalling)


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In Dubai, it was great to spot the smart bikes which are basically cycle rickshaws around the Burj Khalifa.
Why are cycle rickshaws found mostly in towns to the North of the river Narmada?
I got a fair sense of what he means after a bite of his amuse-bouche - a macaron chaat replete with hung yoghurt, lime powder, onions, coriander roots and all the seasoning, niftily presented on a miniature cycle rickshaw.
Pray tell me who has ever died after being hit by a cycle rickshaw.
A cycle rickshaw will carry anything for a few rupees--from people to goats (for slaughter) to furniture.
We needed to get stock and supplies to the end of the pier, so I came up with an old cycle rickshaw.
RICKSHAW BANK Not only has Pradip Kumar Sarmah, a veterinary doctor by profession, developed a safe and ergonomic cycle rickshaw, he has also set rolling a self-employment programme for marginalised rickshaw pullers.
THE PAPHOS-based cycle rickshaw firm, Cypshaw, has been forced to suspend operations following alleged physical threats and intimidation from the local Taxi drivers.
Father-of-four Steve Murphy, 44, has launched the first pedicab, or cycle rickshaw, service in Durham.
The go-ahead has been given for Durham's first pedicab, or cycle rickshaw.
Marvel at the forts in Jaipur, cruise past historical palaces on Lake Pichola in Udaipur or, party all night in Mumbai and try riding a cycle rickshaw through the bustling bazaars in Delhi.
I proposed to make a cycle rickshaw whose passenger carriage was a pod inspired by a desert flower and made of optical glass lens fabric" she says.
It has been a long time since I sat in a cycle rickshaw.
The next day I was off to Santiniketan, arriving past midnight and took a breezy cycle rickshaw ride to the nearest hotel--this freedom came as a breath of fresh air after post 9 p.