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Synonyms for cycle

series of events


Synonyms for cycle

a course, process, or journey that ends where it began or repeats itself

Synonyms for cycle

an interval during which a recurring sequence of events occurs

a series of poems or songs on the same theme

Related Words

a periodically repeated sequence of events

a single complete execution of a periodically repeated phenomenon

cause to go through a recurring sequence

pass through a cycle

ride a motorcycle

Related Words

ride a bicycle

recur in repeating sequences

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The inclusive cycle day was part of the Big Bike Revival, an award-winning project run by Cycling UK that aims to encourage people to cycle for leisure and everyday journeys.
Victoria Pritchard and Dani Rowe were both included for their work encouraging women to cycle.
The 3rd cycle, in this case, Miss Colombia and Miss Belize, have been given an additional boost because of their double Rooster effect, and Colombia even more because of last year's incident.
The Bike Station is the first CFE Service Centre, fully accredited by Cycling Scotland to provide local support and delivery of the Cycle Friendly Employer Award.
But the idea of making Broadgate and High Street one-way (with no exemption for cycles) will only cause problems.
As many as 21% of men cycle at least once a month compared with only 12% of women.
There is reportedly no change in physical properties of the resin--"only a faster cycle," says Thomas Wyszynski, technical manager for rotational resins.
To test their hypothesis, the researchers tracked the estrous cycle in adult female rats.
Life cycle thinking is a holistic view: Design options should not have a reduced impact at one life-cycle stage at the expense of increasing the impact on the complete life cycle.
Mulders, "Cycle control, quality of life and acne with two low-dose oral contraceptives containing 20 [micro]g ethinylestradiol," Contraception, vol.
Along with the Airbus Aerospace Park, Falco has also been working on a number of other key cycle parking projects including the recently opened Derby Midland Railway Station consisting of a bus, cycle and taxi shelters, along with manufacturing and installing of 1,000 mixed use cycle parking spaces to the UK's largest CyclePoint at Chelmsford railway station.
Middlesbrough Council cycling officer Chris Orr said: "The champions are a great addition in supporting more people to cycle."
Brake said introducing 20mph limits around homes, schools and shops, alongside improvements to existing road design would help produce more safe cycling routes to deliver a legacy of healthy, active, green communities where everyone can cycle and walk without being endangered.