information warfare

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the use of information or information technology during a time of crisis or conflict to achieve or promote specific objectives over a specific adversary or adversaries


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In order to be agile at the speed of the Net, a big traditional force structure organization is not going to work in cyber or cyberwarrior organizations," he said.
For the 3,000 officers that have switched over, the Air Force Institute of Technology is updating two graduate-level course curriculums to advance the Defense Department's cyberwarrior corps.
So our key cyberwarriors are building walls instead of extending networks.
Do you plead with the Russians to crack down on their own cyberwarriors, who may be in cahoots with their friends in Pyongyang?
5) The expense of cyberwarfare primarily encompasses training and paying cyberwarriors, and purchasing and maintaining the hardware and software needed to launch and counter cyberattacks, because nations will wage cyberwarfare primarily over publicly accessible networks.
Keith Alexander, suggest that the military's cyberwarriors are up against bigger challenges than having to prove that they are not spying on U.
WASHINGTON: Former top US intelligence officials will become cyberwarriors on Tuesday in a simulation of how the US government would respond to a massive cyberattack on the United States.
Secretary of Defense Robert Gates has said that the military is "desperately short" of cyberwarriors.
The military talks about training cyberwarriors and building a fleet of cyber-craft to operate in this place.
As an operational career field, cyberwarriors must be part of a highly structured professional development program.
It is hard to imagine that the coming age of cyberwarriors and remote control battle has removed the need for a warrior culture.
In one instance, it is believed that Indonesian cyberwarriors coordinated an attack from eighteen locations worldwide, including the United States, to shut down Internet service to East Timor, which was hosted by an Irish company.
These are the kind of weapons we can expect the world's future Saddam Husseins - or a group of cyberwarriors with a grudge - to use.
Having embraced the information revolution, the Pentagon is now scrambling to develop and implement the technologies and tactics to protect its budding cyberwarriors.