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irrational fear of computers or technology

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(2.) Emily Parker, "Putin's Cyberphobia," Foreign Policy, September 24, 2014.
Barriers such as resistance to change or cyberphobia; lack of resources and support; time constraints; learning styles and technology styles; and larger system issues are discussed.
Because America's cyberphobia is not really concerned with the welfare of kids, no one cares which way kid-trends actually go.
No, it wasn't an attack of cyberphobia that led this 28-year veteran of The New York Times publishing empire to the much smaller world of PressPoint.
Cyberspace, suite packages, virtual reality, the Internet - if what you feel after reading these terms is something along the lines of mild unease or even full-blown intimidation, you may be a victim of "cyberphobia." According to Andrew Denka, executive director of Office Team, a national administrative support staffing firm, many people today feel threated by the rapid proliferation of on-line information resources, new computer programs, and other technological advances.
We are already dealing with issues such as privacy, the cost of information, the need to deal with cyberphobia (computer fear), the absence of browsing, and the ability of information to be accessed rapidly, updated, verified, and validated.
"Cyberphobia" and "technopathology" are believed to be treated with training.
School administrators from urban, rural, and suburban school districts were asked to respond to numerous concerns regarding cyberspace curricula:attitudinal issues, gender bias, funding, software, cyberphobia, assessments, rapport, and motivation.
Technology-assisted instruction and instructor cyberphobia: Recognizing the ways to effect change.