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(biology) the field of science concerned with processes of communication and control (especially the comparison of these processes in biological and artificial systems)

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Cybernetically coupled research vehicle: An interim report (Technical Report 11870).
Not only insofar as we use the internet, but our biological existence is itself understood ultimately in terms of genetic information; our cognitive functions are understood cybernetically in terms of neural networks; our social and political and economic and educational systems are increasingly understood as programming devices, means of processing information of various types.
The game, loosely based on 1993's beloved PC strategy game of the same name, puts the player in the role of a cybernetically enhanced super soldier working for one of the corporations that run the world in the not-so distant future.
3) The question raised by these critics is not only what modes of representation and what kind of aesthetic might adequately convey an understanding of nature that reaches beyond conceptions of harmonious, balanced, and cybernetically self-regulating ecosystems to a more complex view of dynamic biological and ecological processes that often do not produce anything one would want to refer to as harmonious or equilibrated.
In that case, this ideal of simplicity is not cybernetically consistent.
Remaking ourselves cosmetically, medically, prosthetically, and cybernetically is already a big business in the modernized world, but additional changes may be on the way.
Those problems may be cybernetically self-corrected or may warn the laboratory operator to halt the process until a correction can be implemented.
What eventually becomes apparent is that player character is an ultimately unacceptable presence to both the computer SHODAN and the organic life form of The Many, because as a player outside the game and a cybernetically augmented human within it we represent an inseparable combination of the two.
While he's partial to "The Offspring" (the first "Star Trek: The Next Generation" episode that he directed), Frakes said the best television that they did was "The Best of Both Worlds," in which the Enterprise has a deadly encounter with a collective of cybernetically enhanced humanoid drones known as the Borg.
You play Baldur, a cybernetically enhanced Norse god tasked with protecting mankind from the threat of deadly killing machines.
Drama about a woman with cybernetically enhanced limbs.
Kalashnikov is not to be blamed for the abuse of his invention, any more than Charles Babbage (6) is to be blamed for the disgusting and criminal profusion of child pornography now achieving cybernetically global tsunami force.