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a computer user who uses the internet

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Cybernaut had issued a formal Letter of Intent for restricting KASB Bank and had said on April 20, 2015 'Our group has conducted preliminary due diligence on the bank, and we are pleased to inform you that we will be keen to inject capital to restructure the bank.'
Zhu Min, Chairman and Executive Director of Cybernaut International, is a well-known entrepreneur in China and the founder and Chairman of Cybernaut Investment Group (Cybernaut Investment), a leading private equity and venture capital fund in China.
Dassault Systemes (Paris:DSY), a provider of 3D design software, 3D Digital Mock Up and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions, and Cybernaut, an investment group in China focusing on emerging industry, announced on Friday the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement on a series of 3DEXPERIENCE platform-related projects, including building Industry Parks, cultivating 3D talents and smart city programmes.
Nasir Ali Shah Bukhari (NASB) vide letter dated February 24, 2015, and March 2, 2015 informed SBP that they have identified the investor namely Cybernaut Investment Group (CIG) and requested for a due diligence approval.
Whereas Evy reads Vera's appropriation of Native American rituals as an attempt to claim authenticity, Adina's online "Mohican" personality empowers her to move between the identities of cybernaut and Czech girl.
Science fiction fantasy elements (a style later known as Spy-fi) emerged as the duo tackled killer Cybernaut robots and giant alien carnivorous plants.
The company is planning to launch the vehicles in collaboration with New Enterprise Associates-backed Cybernaut (China) Investment, a venture capital company.
Also joining the ECO tality board is Daryl Magana, a partner at Cybernaut Capital Management, a private equity firm with a focus on the China market.
The Global Village Idiot is the cybernaut eating a Big Mac.
Meanwhile, Bukatman seems to get carried away by the perspectival advantages provided by cyberspace, as if the entire breadth and density of this electronic realm could be simultaneously captured by the gaze (and processed by the mind) of a human cybernaut.
The Storm Cybernaut's multi-timezone is perfect for travellers, but you can't see the other faces until you press a button and flip them out.
For her, the Internet, no location of utopian liberation, is the haunt of "a new breed of garage mechanics" who are "mildly rude to me because I'm female, and what they really want is to get hold of my cybernaut's vehicle so that they can do some kind of work on it--wrong--in ten minutes, and charge me for a week's labour" (88).