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the control of processes by computer

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There is no question that cybernation does increase the potential for the provision of funds to neglected public sectors.
(5.) Jonathon Cutler and Stanley Aronowitz, "Quitting Time" in Joseph Cutler and Stanley Aronowitz, eds., Post-Work: The Wages of Cybernation (New York 1998), 10-11.
In these times of cybernation, of behavioral analysis, of potential genetic alteration and control, and of growing population pressures, I have wondered--with deep concern--whether we were in danger of following a road that could lead mankind into technological dehumanization and transform us into virtual organic robots.
It's a cybernation founded on the goals of protecting nature, making materialism subordinate to spiritualism, and meritocracy (official positions and private jobs are given to citizens who demonstrate competence).
(1997), Forcing the Factory of the Future: Cybernation and Social Institutions, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.
(7.) Neil Barrett, Digital Crime: Policing the Cybernation (London, England: Kogan Page, 1997).
In short, the war produced a radical economic, political and military transformation, a national mobilization (cybernation) at every level of society, and the degree of regimentation and control exerted over the population and the economy were totally unprecedented in the United States, before or since.
a huge patchwork of code that defines a rapidly growing cybernation, the tightly linked community of those who make and use it.
213, 216 (1997) (discussing the possible "founding fathers of a new cybernation"); Luke A.