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a cafe whose customers sit at computer terminals and log on to the internet while they eat and drink

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As shown in the Table VII above, the academic staff access to the Internet is mainly through cybercafe. No staff have access through the computer laboratory and university laboratory.
Il s'est refugie chez son ami et passait les nuits dans son cybercafe avant de revenir chez lui.
He said JAMB banned cybercafes because of their operators always
The state introduced new guidelines for cybercafes this July to promote the burgeoning e-sports industry.
His contact is [emailprotected]POWER OUTAGES: Frequent power disruptions in Ongata Rongai, south of Nairobi, Tom Nguli moans, "are badly affecting livelihoods, especially those of owners of businesses such as cybercafes, beauty salons, barber shops and fast food cafes".
'Once you finish downloading and printing your documents in cybercafes, order the computer attendants to delete all of them so they are not copied by criminals.
D'ailleurs, dans la nuit de samedi a dimanche, les cybercafes sont restes deserts.
It just announced--with much fanfare--an expansion of Internet access for locals by opening 118 cybercafes throughout the island.
Les cybercafes etaient le lieu de predilection de plus d'un marocain.
They generally use computers in public access locations, such as libraries, telecenters, or cybercafes. These public access computing (PAC) venues have unique features and shared characteristics that contribute to the use of ICT and may contribute to community development in Colombia.
In the same token, majority, 178 (61,81%) of the respondents opined that there are communication centres and cybercafes within the environs of ABSU owned by private individuals.
Libraries, telecentres, cybercafes, and public access to ICT; international comparisons.
The service will provide cybercafes with: regulatory cyber security measures; cybercafe management and governance; digital lifestyle offerings for end consumers; online Test Centre; Sify Talk: ISD Calling; as well as online advertising and brand engagement platform.