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an assault on electronic communication networks

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The Federal Investigation Agency booked Mr Jillani in a case registered under Sections 500 (defamation), 109 (abetment) and 34 (common intention) of the Pakistan Penal Code read with the Sections 10(a) (cyber-terrorism), 11 (hate speech) and 20 (offense against dignity of a natural person) of the Pakistan Electronic Crime Act (PECA), 2016, on the complaint of Advocate Moulvi Iqbal Haider.
While US intelligence officials highlight Russian actors when they talk of cyber-terrorism, Trump mentioned the Kremlin last as a US 'foe' in a presscon in Helsinki on Monday, where he initially said, with Putin standing beside him, that the Russians could not have done it.
He said Gamble had "revelled" in the attacks, adding: "This was an extremely nasty campaign of politically motivated cyber-terrorism. Gamble had bragged at one point: "This has to be the biggest hack ever."
"FinTech can also help protect financial systems against cyber-terrorism. A good example is the distributed ledger technology that underpins virtual currencies and other applications," said Lagarde.
First international gathering to combat cyberterrorism Aiming to formulate a comprehensive plan against the roots of internet crimes, a two-day international conference on the criminalization of cyber-terrorism concluded Tuesday in Abu Dhabi.
This was part of a statement made to WAM on the sidelines of the International Conference on the Criminalisation of Cyber-Terrorism, which got under wayin Abu Dhabi under the patronage of Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.
Under the bill, cyber-terrorism will be punishable upto to 14 years in prison and Rs five million fine.
It is alarming that, in recent years, together with the occurrence of new information and communication technology (ICT) and the development of the internet, new threats have appeared, such as cyber-crime, cyber-terrorism, cyber espionage and cyber-conflicts, with the participation of non-state entities, and cyber war understood as confrontation between countries in the cyberspace.
Its failure to act upon the cyber-terrorism legislation attached to the National Defense Authorization Act, which was passed by the House on April 23 clearly is a sign of the lack of urgency concerning the risk of cyber terrorism.
According to Al-Shiri, the Kingdom has been exposed to fierce levels of cyber-terrorism, including attempts to penetrate public and private networks, propaganda and efforts to recruit young members via Facebook and Twitter.
In order to tackle the threat of cyber-terrorism counter measures have to be taken for the following.
After providing an overview of the current state of cyber-crime and the efficacy of national responses to it, the author discusses several possible scenarios and solutions, looking at history for pointers and lessons, and discussing in detail outcomes: the effect of an evolving distributed society on the mitigation of cyber-crime and cyber-terrorism and parallels between today's cyberspace and the political and social structures of the Middle Ages.
(18) This anonymity, combined with society's increasing reliance on computers and computer networks, has also made a new type of cyber-crime with different motivations possible: cyber-terrorism. There is growing recognition of the threat of cyber-terrorism, and an ever-increasing amount of proposed legislation and academic thought is being put towards its prevention.
At the Summit of the Interior Ministers of the CIS countries held on September 8 in Baku Deputy Interior Minister of Kyrgyzstan Baktybek Alymbekov raised cyber-terrorism issue.
The Beeb's gripping spy drama has a talent for capturing the top talking points in the news headlines and, hot on the heels of official warnings about cyber-terrorism, they offered a terrifying attack plot on the government's top secret computer files.