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Synonyms for education

Synonyms for education

the act, process, or art of imparting knowledge and skill

known facts, ideas, and skill that have been imparted

Synonyms for education

the profession of teaching (especially at a school or college or university)

the result of good upbringing (especially knowledge of correct social behavior)

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the United States federal department that administers all federal programs dealing with education (including federal aid to educational institutions and students)

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The CCR online education platform would enable cyber education for the entire force without the cost and manning issues associated with temporary duty to a schoolhouse.
Investments into such programs as Cyber Patriot, National Collegiate Cyber Defense, and Advanced Cyber Education yield generations of citizens with cyber acumen (shown in figure).
'All told, President Arroyo's directive to remove any overlap between the NBN and Cyber Education projects and for the economic managers to look into the terms of financing of the NBN project by aligning it with the Cyber Education Project saved the government a whopping P3.84 billion Yet the Ombudsman charged her with conspiracy to violate Section 3(g) of the RA 3019?
Fortunato Abrenilla, former NEDA legal staff director, told Sandiganbayan Fourth Division that during the meeting of the NEDA Board on March 27, 2007 on the NBN project, then President Arroyo, as chairman of the NEDA Board, ordered then DOTC Assistant Secretary Lorenzo Formoso III to configure the NBN proposal so as to avoid overlapping of its services and coverage with the Cyber Education program of the government.
Our Cybermum initiative and cyber education program in Indian schools reinforce commitment towards this cause." Across APAC, McAfee has developed a Cyber Education Program, which is delivered to school-aged children by McAfee employee volunteers.
According to the Washington Times, a new study has revealed that the most prestigious of US military academies are 'struggling' to integrate cyber education into the curricula of graduate courses and 'prepare senior military officers to lead in the cyber age'.
Earlier this year he was appointed to a board of advisors on cyber education by the Defence Services Marketing Council - an organisation for defence firms looking to do business in the Middle East.
In 2006, the SVA was formed so Solanco could provide a good cyber education to students, "and keep our tax dollars," says Kaufman.
In an October 26 blog entitled "Inspiring the Next Generation of Cyber Professionals," DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano announced a plan to extend "the scope of cyber education" beyond the federal labor force through the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE), targeting students from kindergarten all the way up to post-graduate school.
Anonymity and learning in digitally mediated communications; authenticity and trust in cyber education.
This finding is interesting in light of new pressures K-12 school districts face in incorporating cyber education into their curricula.
The authors were awarded a $951,000 Department of Education grant to promote cyber education and awareness in grades K-12.
Education that suits the individual needs of a learner is one of the lures of cyber education; however this atmosphere can prove to be a challenge for learners unless they receive support.
Programs funded by the grant will offer cyber education security and workforce development training at two-year institutions in the eight states.