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a bluish discoloration of the skin and mucous membranes

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Two 7-month-old raccoon dogs from farm D appeared healthy but on necropsy showed cyanosed splenomegaly.
Apart from the fact that the neonate was cyanosed with increased respiration the physical examination was unremarkable.
Cardiac and coronary insufficiency may impair blood flow with feet cyanosed and starved of oxygenated blood, with resultant delayed healing and poorer skin protection to hazard and disease.
Tonic phase--loss of consciousness, patient becomes rigid and cyanosed
As respiratory distress increases, the patient becomes anxious, sweaty and cyanosed and will die unless given ventilatory support.
The baby had an initial heart rate of 86 beats per minute, was pale and cyanosed (respiratory rate of 50 breaths per minute), with oxygen saturation levels of 88 - 92%.
Patients are generally not cyanosed and lung signs are due to hyperinflation/air trapping.
2] had fallen to 39% and the patient was deeply cyanosed.
He was pale but not cyanosed, and hyperventilating; his skin was warm and he was sweating profusely; pulse 55-60, regular and of good volume.
The doctor then visited the home immediately, and on examination found the patient cyanosed, bradycardic and wheezy, and she diagnosed cardiac failure.
Likewise, cool or cyanosed extremities with sluggish capillary refill suggest vascular volume deficit.