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Synonyms for cyanophyte

relating to or caused by photosynthetic bacteria of the class Cyanobacteria

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The cyanophyte Aphanocapsa marina had the lowest values of total dry weight (1.
La Boulder Patch est un varech peu profond (de 4 a 7 m) de l'Extreme Arctique qui contient 78 especes d'algues benthiques, representant environ la moitie de la flore benthique panarctique (140 especes), dont une cyanophyte reconnue (Calothrix scopulorum), une dinophyte (Rufusiella foslieana), 26 algues vertes, 25 algues brunes et 25 especes algales rouges.
A sudden change of the dominant algae population from cyanophytes to dinoflagellates occurred in 1977-1978 (Hickel 1988).
These infestations included the Cyanophyte genera Anabaena and Lyngbya causing grades 2, 3 and 4 infestations in post-larvae (25%), juveniles (30%) and adults (60%), and the Chlorophyte genera Cosmarium and Ulothrix causing grades 2 and 3 infestations in post-larvae (30%), juveniles (50%) and adults (25%), TABLE I.
In particular, low salinity environments with a low N/P ratio carry a higher proportion of smaller size phytoplankton, such as cyanophytes (Margalef, 1983).
Key words: Awba reservoir, phytoplankton, cyanophyte blooms, trace metals, Nigeria.
A few studies have been made on the Cyanophytes in Iran [14,5].
The percentage of cyanophytes in the phytoplankton biomass had some correlations with nutrient concentrations in the northern part of the lake but not in the southern part L.
Cyanophytes from the L'Aigua cave (Alicante, SE Spain) and their environmental conditions.
Diseases caused by toxins in plants, fungi, cyanophytes, clavibacteria, and venoms in ticks and vertebrate animals.
The smallest members of the photosynthetic plankton are the cyanobacteria (formerly cyanophytes or "blue-green algae"), prokaryotic organisms that are usually round (Synechocystis) or elongated (Synechococcus), and approximately 1.