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Synonyms for cyanobacterial

relating to or caused by photosynthetic bacteria of the class Cyanobacteria


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008 g glucose, 1 g BSA) and then exposed for 30 min to 100 [micro]g/mL of cyanobacterial lysate and a 1:1,000 dilution of high-affinity IgE receptor (FceR1) in Tyrod's buffer.
Moreover, more than 80 different structural MC variants have been discovered in nature and MC-LR is usually the most abundant in these cyanobacterial blooms, followed by MC-LF, MC-YR, and MC-RR (Meriluoto et al.
Due to the problems brought by Cyanobacterial blooms, the present paper aims to contribute to the knowledge of Cyanobacterial diversity in Iran through examining the cyanobacteria species of Yamchi dam which is the main resource for drinking and irrigation purposes in the region.
Health risk assessment of cyanobacterial (bluegreen algal) toxins in drinkingwater, Int.
In contrast, total phosphorus, total phytoplankton biomass, and cyanobacterial biomass were higher when the lake was not covered with ice at all.
Since sunlight penetrates the sea bed quite easily, it helps the growth of marine flora such as extensive seagrasses, macro-algal beds, and cyanobacterial mats.
This response also suggests clubmoss sporophytes do not require mycorrhizal or cyanobacterial associates for successful culture, contrary to prior speculation (e.
Therefore, this shallow euphotic zone would tend to enhance the development of cyanobacterial species adapted to low luminosity, for instance, Playktothrtx sp.
See EPA, Cyanobacterial Harmful Algal Blooms (CyanoHABs), available at www2.
Fish kill in Lake Peipsi in summer 2002 as a synergistic effect of a cyanobacterial bloom, high temperature, and low water level.
They claimed to have found several unidentified byproducts in the river water, which form when chlorine reacts with ammoniacal contaminants and cyanobacterial bloom.
2009) used this approach to demonstrate that the water-soluble metabolites of two cyanobacterial species Arthrospora maxima and Synechococcus 7002 were formate, lactate, ethanol, acetate and succinate.
Remote Sensing of Chlorophyll-A as a Measure of Cyanobacterial Biomass in Lake Bogoria, a Hypertrophic, Saline-Alkaline, Flamingo Lake, Using Landsat ETM+.
8 outbreaks), cyanobacterial toxins (6 outbreaks), enterotoxigenic and enteropathogenic E.
To wit, a previously undocumented cyanobacterial fungus that grows through photosynthesis is spreading by as much as three inches per week on corals along the otherwise pristine North Shore of Kauai.