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the monovalent group -CN in a chemical compound

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It is found that the normalized intensity of the characteristic absorption peak at 2233 cm 1 attributed to cyano group decreased distinctly after the prepolymer was cured at 260[degrees]C, whereas a new characteristic peak located at 1384 [cm.sup.-1] attributed to triazine ring [12, 13] was observed, which indicated that the new structure of triazine ring [12, 13] had formed by these thermally activated reactions.
Type I pyrethroids lack a cyano group at the CX-carbon of the 3-phenoxybenzyl alcohol moiety and produce a poisoning syndrome consisting of hyperexcitation, tremors, and convulsions (T syndrome).
Compound 4 was subjected to a standard procedure of transforming the cyano group into amidine via thioimidate salt [7], that is nitrile 4 was reacted with hydrogen sulphide affording thioamide 5, which was converted to thioimidate salt 6 with methyl iodide.
attribute the signal to the cyano group of isocyanate, thiocyanate, and isothyocianate related to degradation products of protein [14].
Formation of furo[2,3-d]pyrimidinone 2 is believed to proceed via benzoylation of the amino group and conversion of cyano group to the amide group, followed by 1,6-exo-trig cyclization of the amino group to the carbonyl group as formulated in Scheme 1.
DFBN containing lateral cyano group was introduced to the oligomer main chain to increase crosslinkable cyano content in curing system.
The behavior of cyanoferrocene can therein be explained given that the cyano group is an electron-withdrawing group depleting the iron of electron density, making it more likely to iron of electron density, making it more likely to complex with an electron donor such as benzyl chloride.
From the chemical shift values of the N2 atom and as expected the methoxy group increases the electron density on N2 while the cyano group decreases it (by resonance) with respect to the hydrogen substituent.
Whereas, the presence of cyano group provides high electron affinity to the polymer backbone and hence polymers such as cyano-substituted PPV (CN-PPV) exhibits high internal efficiency in PLEDs (32).
The IR spectrum of 28 revealed the absence cyano function indicating the addition of hydroxyl group on the triple bond system of cyano group. The 1H-NMR of the same product revealed the presence of a signal at = 6.01 ppm corresponding to olifinic proton a signal at = 7.21-7.91 ppm corresponding to aromatic and imino protons.
And, the absorption strength appears relatively weak is due to the cyano group which is an effective extinction reagent.
Also, a sharp peak appeared at 2250 [cm.sup.-1], coming from the merge of the cyano group bands of AN, whereas previous data were not observed for the original LDPE.
lb, the characteristic vibrations of [SAN.sub.f]-1 random copolymer with moderate absorption band near 2239 [cm.sup.-1] and strong absorption band in the 770-674 [cm.sup.-1] region are attributed to the stretching vibration of cyano group (-C[equivalent to]N) of AN component and the out-of-plane bends (=C-H) of the single substituted aromatic ring.