cyanine dye

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any of a class of dyes containing a -CH= group linking two heterocyclic rings containing nitrogen

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Cyanine dyes could improve the efficiency of molecular probes in identifying, for example, the presence of a virus or a tumor receptor.
Further noting information is less accessible regarding the dye type used in DVD recordable media, the study says it is believed DVD-R media use a modified form of stabilized cyanine dye for the recording layer.
Media using cyanine dye performed well when exposed to light but had problems when under temperature/humidity stress conditions.
A group of researchers from the CIC nanoGune Consolider, Centro de Fisica de Materiales, and Basque Fondation for Science, Spain, present a hybrid system consisting of cyanine dye J-aggregates and Ag nanoparticles attached to a spherical dielectric microcavity.
When excited by light from a red laser, the APC fluorochrome can transfer energy to the cyanine dye, which then emits at a longer wavelength.
Previously, an activated cyanine dye (Cy-5), which can be readily coupled with peptide, proteins, and amino-linked oligonucleotides [9], was synthesized.
The second patent relates to the invention of a new fluorescent dye, cyanine dye, which simplifies PCR probe design requirements by eliminating the need for fluorescent quenchers.
These GeneBeam(TM) Labeling Kits utilize Enzo's proprietary cyanine dye nucleotides and are designed to be used in a straightforward, ready-to-use format.
The Ettan DIGE system consists of three key components: Amersham Biosciences' proprietary cyanine dye chemistry, CyDye(TM) DIGE fluors (exclusively licensed to Amersham Biosciences from Carnegie Mellon University), Typhoon(TM) variable-mode gel imager, and DeCyder(TM) differential analysis software.
7GB capacity in its DVD-R discs by use of its proprietary MSI metal-stabilized cyanine dye technology, which was retuned for the shorter laser wavelength necessary for higher-density optical recording.
According to Kramer, TDK's Certified Plus discs combine the company's MSi metal-stabilized cyanine dye with its Reflex Mirror Tuning Technology to give the CD Rocket the power to create discs with more precisely formed recording marks at high 8x speeds.
Also on display is TDK's write-once DVD-R disc, which uses a modified form of the metal-stabilized cyanine dye currently used in TDK's CD-R line of optical discs.
TDK achieved this remarkable breakthrough in optical media through the use of a high-sensitivity cyanine dye recording material that creates accurate, well-formed recording "pits" on the disc.
Harrison, WJ, Buonenrani, L, "Silica Nanoparticles Encapsulating Near-Infrared Emissive Cyanine Dyes.