cyanide process

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an industrial process for extracting gold and silver by treating ore with a sodium cyanide solution

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driven by a water-wheel, the pipes and tubes were made of bamboo, and the vats were billion [belian] tubs." Design of the Bidi ore processing plant also benefited from the adaptation of the cyanide process at Bau to meet local conditions.
Ray Lazuk, Superintendent of Environmental and Public Affairs for the Golden Sunlight Mine, the only large-scale cyanide process mine which would have the grandfather privilege to continue, pointed out that "[c]yanide is no different than other industrial chemicals that are out there right now in Montana.
Indications are that, when expressed in terms of surface area, the medium is at least as efficient as carbon would be in the cyanide process. The relatively low cost of the substrate and of the gold stripping and substrate regeneration procedures sets different priorities in this regard.
The cyanide process of extracting gold from lowgrade ore was introduced at about this time.
Next, the ore would undergo a variety of chemical treatment processes to recover the gold, including a sodium cyanide process that dissolves the gold as water dissolves a sugar cube.