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a weak soluble dibasic acid (the parent acid of cyanamide salts)


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a compound used as a fertilizer and as a source of nitrogen compounds

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The effect of hydrogen cyanamide (Dormex) on flowering and cropping of different apple cultivars under tropical conditions of subtropical winter chilling.
Two chemicals including Vydate and Basamid (G) while one fertilizer Calcium cyanamide were used at the rate of 4.
The engineered strain was then able to grow with cyanamide as its only nitrogen source.
The ALDH2 inhibitor cyanamide (CYA) at 1 mmol/L was given from 10 min before ischemia to the first 10 min of reperfusion, with total perfusing for 50 min (DM + EtOH + CYA I/R); the mitoPTP opener atractyloside (Atr) at 20 mmol/L was given from the last 5 min of ischemia to the early 10 min of reperfusion, with total perfusing for 15 min (DM + EtOH + Atr I/R).
Here, combined with the previous study, quicklime, calcium cyanamide and a number of microbial agents and other soil conditioners were applied to acidified and pest- ridden soil that was continuously (6 years) cropped with tobacco to investigate their potential to eliminate the problems associated with consecutive tobacco monoculture and to provide theoretical and technical support for these problems.
Hence, conventional treatment with disulfiram or cyanamide does not favour understanding or awareness with regard to the underlying addictive disease, which tends to be persistent and can be reactivated by even just one drink, since the first glass can lead to uncontrolled drinking and relapse into heavy drinking, with all the associated negative consequences.
One of the first lab studies Suenram worked on with Johnson and Lafferty was the microwave spectrum of cyanamide (94), which had been detected in the Sgr B2 interstellar cloud by Turner et al.
The team tried mixing cyanamide and glycolaldehyde, two chemicals probably present in the primordial soup, to make a molecule with a bit of the sugar and the base.
Fujii (2003) suggests that with respect to Namoi woolly pod vetch, allelopathy is mainly due to the chemicals cyanamide and L-cyanoalanine.
Blachford, Rhone-Poulenc Canada, Ethyl Canada, Rohm & Haas Canada, Hoescht Celanese, General Chemical, Allied Chemicals, Shell (chemical division), Cyanamide Canada, and Polysar.
After a brief theoretical review, examples are analyzed of job-related accidents and ailments (such as hydrogenated cyanamide poisoning and hemorrhoids) and the consequences of the relationship between male identity and the perception of subjective immunity in the face of disease and danger.
PD-02 is produced using a patented process that ensures a highly purified form of creatine without the harmful neurotoxins, such as cyanamide, which may be dangerous to patients with neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson's.
recently launched ethambutol hydrochloride USP, its authorized generic equivalent of American Cyanamide Co.