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a rule that when literal compliance is impossible the intention of a donor or testator should be carried out as nearly as possible

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Often, the only parties to a cy pres action are the requesting organizations representing their interests, the attorney general representing the public's interest, and the courts, with no organization specifically representing the deceased donors' interests.
15) Class counsel moved for the district court to distribute the remainder of the settlement funds cy pres to three St.
These limitations on cy pres awards recognize the fact that class
They have, for the most part, only a small defendant-oriented competition bar, with few law professors, few industrial organization economists, and nothing resembling class actions, much less cy pres awards that can emerge from class action settlements.
However, nonprofit leadership who apply cy pres principles to their evaluation of and approach to a proposed merger will be better positioned for success, as cy pres requires the organization to focus its attention to its obligations of external accountability.
Cy pres is not designed to be highly nimble or flexible nor calculated to facilitate optimum deployment of conservation resources.
60) In April 2007, the University filed a motion to amend its complaint and requested that the conditions of the charitable gifts be rewritten by way of the cy pres doctrine.
But one of the true legal foundations of the nonprofit world is also one of the most obscure--the doctrine of cy pres.
Meanwhile, consumer group Center For Science In The Public Interest (CSPI) announced last week that they will seek a permanent injunction prohibiting the companies from combining stimulants with alcohol and disgorgement of the companies' profits from Bud Extra, Tilt, and Sparks into a cy pres charitable fund.
As this issue of the Journal goes to press, legislation that will codify the cy pres doctrine in class action suits awaits governor Blagojevich's signature.
Cy pres is a legal term that literally means "as near as possible.
6) Why not transpose to the Establishment Clause area the doctrine of cy pres from property and trust law and simply strip Paul of his sainthood?
The Restatement provides guidance and rationale as to what courts may or may not regard as legitimate charitable purposes and what are appropriate applications of the cy pres doctrine.