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being ten more than one hundred ten

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We're happy to support the company on its path to enhancing customer experiences as part of its broader group-wide CXX strategy."
The term [beta] x eye(sx) is used in order to set and maintain the initial nonzero value of the covariance matrix Cxx. The small value of [beta] does not affect the covariance matrix values much.
Cxx DAVID SCOTT: I lived in mynydd Llandegai then and was snowed in .
Where each of cxx and vx is a floating point number, while seg_xx is 32 floating point numbers.
Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series A, CXX, Part 3, 253-290.
make a clear-cut business case to CXX executives for storage virtualization -- which can literally drive double-digit savings in overall storage budgets.”
Smith, The Moghul Architecture of Fathpur Sikri, reprint Delhi, 1973, frontispiece, CIX CXX. Mariam's House is also called Sonahra Makan (the Golden House), probably on the basis of splendid decoration on its walls which formerly "glistened with gold".
Cxx" Claudine, was clearly on edge during the match, tweeting: "My nerves are gone."