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being five more than one hundred forty

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(London, Glasgow & New York 1962) cxlv simply describes the woman as
The passage that precedes the citation is relevant because its source is sermon CXLV of Petrus Chrysologus, which Alcuin uses in Contra heresim Felicis lviii, identifying it as 'in sermone de natale domini'.(43) Moreover, Petrus' sermon provides a different reading for what appears as the first sentence of section X of Alcuin's work: 'et quomodo non, quando se iungit deus se homini, unus est deus?'(44) It is possible, then, that Frobenius' edition of Alcuin reprinted in Migne is corrupt.(45)
Petrus' sermon CXLV is not, however, the source for the following remark attributed to Augustine.
Source: United States Census Office, Census Reports Volume II: Twelfth Census of the United States, Taken in the Year 1900, Population Part II (Washington, D.C., 1902), Table LXXXIV, cxlv: Table 93, 512-543.
Mazzei, `Continuita e crisi nella Toscana di Ferdinando II (1621-1670)', Archivio storico italiano, cxlv (1987).