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being ten more than one hundred thirty

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Body style/layout: The 2011 Buick Regal CXL is a front-engine, front-wheel-drive midsize mainstream family sedan with a traditional notchback trunk.
As with CXL, the practitioner should be aware that a minimum corneal thickness is a pre-requisite as it is not possible to insert the rings if the cornea is less than 450[micro]m at the site of insertion, ie at the perimeter of a circle 6mm in diameter.
Simultaneous PRK followed by CXL shows an improvement in uncorrected visual acuity, corrected visual acuity, reduced spherical refractive error, keratometry readings and post-operative haze.
Laser ablation is calculated using topography data and the treatment should be performed in conjunction with CXL.
Buick, a subsidiary of General Motors Corporation (NYSE: GM), is planning to withdraw its CX, CXL and CXS trim levels for the 2012 model year.
This treatment may also be combined with CXL in patients that achieve a good visual outcome in order to prevent a corneal transplant.
CXL works by increasing these collagen cross-links and thereby strengthening the human cornea by up to 328.
The vehicle is available in three versions-CX, CXL and CXS.
2) introduced the concept of CXL as a treatment for keratoconus.
The vehicle will be available in three versions- LaCrosse CX, the LaCrosse CXL and the LaCrosse CSX.
In fact, CXL is the Caterpillar facility that we benchmark for internal improvements at other facilities," Rapp added.
The 2010 LaCrosse will be available in three versions- CX, CXL and CXS.
The agreement appointed Dehaier as the exclusive distributor for Timesco's CXL and Eclipse series laryngoscope products in mainland China for three years.
General Motors Corporation (GM) (NYSE: GM), the world's largest automaker, is introducing two new trim levels for the Lucerne sedan, the CXL Special Edition and the Lucerne Super.
And, none of the Cleveland Eye Clinic's CXL patients have needed a corneal transplant to date.