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being ten more than one hundred thirty

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It is a protocol for the treatment of infectious keratitis with some differences from the original Dresden CXL protocol [13].
Technically speaking, the PLI still exists, but under different leadership and without its core members, who either retired from politics (as in the case of Montealegre) or joined new groups like the CxL and Frente Amplio por la Democracia (Broad Democratic Front, FAD).
Keratoconus affects both the sexes equally and its onset of generally occurs at puberty.1 The global incidence of keratoconus in general population is estimated to be 1 in 2000.2 Corneal collagen cross-linkage (CXL) was introduced by Eberhard Spoesi and Theo Seiler in 1990 as treatment of keratoconus.3
CXL does not cure keratoconus but in most cases, stops the progression of the disease to preserve the patient's sight and in many cases partially reverses the damage done to the cornea.
Although CXL is considered as an effective treatment for moderate to severe KC [126, 178], acute inflammatory response, allergic conjunctivitis, and bacterial infection have been reported after CXL [179-181].
Collagen cross linking (CXL) is a relatively new minimally invasive surgical technique which strengthens corneal tissue by increasing number of intrafibrillar and interfibrillar covalent bonds.
In April, the commerce ministry liberalized the sales of preferential quota sugar to the European Union (CXL quota) and the US (TRQ quota), thus allowing all exporters and not just state trading enterprises (STEs) avail of the quota benefits.
Objective: To compare the effect of rapid and conventional methods of corneal collagen cross linking (CXL) on visual acuity (VA) and corneal parameters in Keratoconus.
A Victory Liner bus (CXL 581) was bound for Pasay City when it collided with a 14wheeler on the North Luzon Expressway in Mexico, Pampanga.
Nas folhas "D", foram mensurados o comprimento (C, em cm) e a largura (L, em cm), determinada pela maxima largura medida, e calculado o produto destas duas variaveis (CxL, em [cm.sup.2]).
Collagen crosslinking (CXL) of the cornea by combined topical riboflavin and ultraviolet A (UVA) application is a widely accepted mode of treatment in keratoconus halting the progression of the disease.
* Axcel Sights' Achieve CXL is an all-new tournament sight designed specifically for compounds.
They begin with the case of Olympic bobsledder Steven Holcomb, who underwent the procedure and made it famous, then discuss the history of crosslinking in industry, medicine, and aging; the basic science of corneal crosslinking; the first scientific investigations of the corneal crosslinking procedure; the development of Holcomb C3-R and early results; techniques; complications of the CXL procedure and the Holcomb C3-R technique; combining the Holcomb C3-R system with Intacs and conductive keratoplasty and phakic implantable contact lenses; and its use in improving stability for radial keratotomy patients, with photorefractive keratectomy, for corneal infections and autoimmune corneal melts, and for trampolining corneas after LASIK.
These and several other explosives companies were united in 1910 as Canada Explosives Limited (CXL) which became the major supplier of munitions for Canada during the First World War.