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embroidery in which the design is outlined in a buttonhole stitch and the intervening material is cut away

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+ Cutwork design (approximately 6"x7"; see "Design.")
Featuring sheer cutwork detailing along the ankles, balloon sleeves, a ruffled neckline and sequin embellishments, the outfit makes for the perfect semi-formal wear.
Shakespeare | Cut: Rethinking Cutwork in an Age of Distraction
Each place setting had a flow blue plate menu card in the center of a classic navy- and gold-rimmed Lenox dinner plate on a goldrimmed charger placed on a white cutwork placemat.
They are rigorists, however handsomely cutwork artists
This is never more pronounced than when women are the focus, such as Gargi's engagement party, where she "was dressed in a cutwork pink lehenga bordered with gold thread.
The intricately woven pure Banarasi jangla saree with sona rupa zari is perfectly designed and woven for the wedding trousseau and the Orange and pink shot color banarasi jangla saree with cutwork, woven with antique zari is a sure head turner.
White pure cotton cutwork shirt dress, PS35, Twiggy for Marks & Spencer
Basically this range rests heavily on stark solids, muted neutrals as well as luxurious cutwork.
A wide mixture of Sindh's handicrafts including home textiles (made up of intricate patch work, cut work and embroidery), basketry, jewelry, dresses, dupattas, and shawls embellished with traditional embroidery and cutwork have been displayed.
Every element has been considered: bags are adorned with chains that twist links from square to rounded, like a piece of jewellery, while other styles feature cutwork leather 'chain' straps.
1. ( ASOS Premium Cutwork Midi Dress with Red Embroidery: $138
Lace & cut-outs Lace or cutwork are the fabrics to be seen (through) in.
Right: Rosetta sweat dress PS29, cutwork flower ankle boots PS30.