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one who causes minor trouble or damage

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Her strong suit wasn't math, she told an interviewer: "At the end of the year in my eighth grade algebra class, I wrote a note to my teacher that basically said, 'I know that I'm kinda a cutup and I like to crack the jokes now and again, but it's only because I struggle with math.
based Murray's Chicken has launched several additions this year to its line of antibiotic-free chicken products sold at supermarkets and natural food stores, including seasoned chicken and turkey sliders, nitrate-free chicken bacon, and a chicken soup kit, complete with cutup chicken and vegetables.
In general, make sure you never go to a party hungry--have a nutritious snack beforehand, such as cutup fruit or vegetables and a piece of low-fat string cheese.
Among the best items were the assortment of green and black olives, roasted red peppers, artichoke hearts, cutup fresh beets, fresh broccoli florets, assorted salad greens and dressings, crisp-tender seasoned green beans and corn salad.
WHAT A CUTUP When we ask how she is most like her character Nim, she deadpans, "We look alike.
When, for example, a character in Concerning Honest Bob issues a mock tribute to one of the showers in the campus gymnasium--one that "has remained faithful to the student body all through its long life" (52)--we do not fully appreciate the joke, but we enjoy something more touching: the sense that young "Tom" Wolfe was, at least for these four years, an insider, a cutup, someone who felt he belonged somewhere.
Dark-haired Melissa Graves was a white-faced cutup as the gossip columnist, Sarah Schmitz a wide-eyed wack as the boarding-house proprietress, and Libby Ewing a freakish former chanteuse as the sad-pathetic Fraulein, who had already lost an eye battling the local cocaloonies (large pelicans) to catch raw fish.
An intentionally bad joke is taken as an unintentionally bad joke, and your reputation as an office cutup suffers.
The report noted that insurers "have few mechanisms to protect against terrorism loss" because employers in all states except Texas are required to provide workers' cutup coverage for their employees, with no exclusions permitted for terrorism.
At my vet's suggestion, I have increased the amount of her food, the Science Diet[R] puppy chow for large breeds, to three rounded cups per day, plus small bits of cutup, freeze-dried liver that I use in my basic training efforts.
Alan Halsey's generation, active since the mid 1970s, was able to exploit the gradual democratization of print, not only in the growth of high-quality small-press publishing, but by taking advantage of photocopy, desktop, and online technologies, a true samizdat, exploring the possibilities of cutup text, scissored visuals, and abrupt conjunctions of word and image.
She thus substituted for Western household conveniences, such as a washing machine, microwave, cutup meat packages, convenient supermarkets, a car, and other liberating devices, lacking even today in much of Russia.
Local activists can host a swap meet or barter fair; plan a free concert, lecture, teach-in, or all-night party; organize a march through a mall where members of the group each wear a tee-shirt reading "The More You Consume the Less You Live;" set up a credit card cutup table in front of the mall; make a classroom presentation; meet with media; protest sweatshop labor, urban sprawl, and sport utility vehicles; or go "fanclubbing"--buying and returning items all day long.
Excursions to the 65-acre Bellingrath Gardens and Home and Bayou La Batre, the shrimping community made famous by Forest Cutup, can't be missed.