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one who causes minor trouble or damage

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"I now treat [the cutup text] as a bank of potential images," writes Noon, "I go through the text, taking each group of words in turn as a self-contained unit.
He's the shit-talking cutup of the crew and the only member who insists on putting traditional utensils to use ("real Gs use chopsticks").
As tempting as peeled baby carrots or a cutup chicken are, it costs less to purchase them whole.
(1) Apocalypse Pooh (1987) was a student-made analogue video cutup, and stands as a counterexample to the claim that remix is digital.
Though a cutup, the farm boy from Indiana had manners, and so he called the Ortmann house to thank the cook for the delicious cake.
"Once the spending gets out of control, I start cutting the credit cards up." She recently cutup her last credit card which has a balance of $4,800.
Her strong suit wasn't math, she told an interviewer: "At the end of the year in my eighth grade algebra class, I wrote a note to my teacher that basically said, 'I know that I'm kinda a cutup and I like to crack the jokes now and again, but it's only because I struggle with math."
Nurses cutup, stacked, and glued thick rubber floor mats to make lifts for patients' shoes.
New City, N.Y.-based Murray's Chicken has launched several additions this year to its line of antibiotic-free chicken products sold at supermarkets and natural food stores, including seasoned chicken and turkey sliders, nitrate-free chicken bacon, and a chicken soup kit, complete with cutup chicken and vegetables.
(1993, 1994) used heuristic methods to determine the optimal lumber cutup patterns for higher yield.
In general, make sure you never go to a party hungry--have a nutritious snack beforehand, such as cutup fruit or vegetables and a piece of low-fat string cheese.
Now the most obvious thing one might say about mise-en-scene in animated versus live-action film is that the former tends to present images in a relatively pronounced, two-dimensional format; most animated films, that is, have more in common with Godard's Weekend than with Forrest Cutup. Nor is this a point that was easily lost on early film theorists.
Basically, you open your mouth and scream right away so none of the water goes in." WHAT A CUTUP When we ask how she is most like her character Nim, she deadpans, "We look alike.
When, for example, a character in Concerning Honest Bob issues a mock tribute to one of the showers in the campus gymnasium--one that "has remained faithful to the student body all through its long life" (52)--we do not fully appreciate the joke, but we enjoy something more touching: the sense that young "Tom" Wolfe was, at least for these four years, an insider, a cutup, someone who felt he belonged somewhere.