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Synonyms for cutting-edge

in accord with the most fashionable ideas or style

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Gulfstream's all-new G500 business jet has begun a world tour to give current and potential customers an opportunity to experience firsthand the aircraft's cutting-edge technology, unparalleled comfort and superior craftsmanship.
Also, the company announced that it is close to finalising a joint venture agreement with Second Wave Ventures LLC, a cutting-edge developer of cannabinoid products infused with healthy nutrients, in order to pioneer new methods of smokeless THC and CBD delivery.
The firm has also taken on a connectivity and security expert to provide cutting-edge CCTV and surveillance systems that use IP network technology.
The list of today's 10 cutting-edge jobs was based on U.S.
The only way this can happen is if the metalcasting industry is viewed as cutting-edge manufacturing that provides solutions.
It will be particularly useful for northern rural and remote locations where medical staff cannot be present in a classroom setting, but can obtain information through cutting-edge technology.
Naka city was established on January 21, 2005 with the founding principle of creating harmony among nature, the culture of the region, its people and cutting-edge science.
10 Cutting-Edge Technologies Every Insurer Should Know
"They will see cutting-edge technology," says a council spokesman.
InFocus is dedicated to bringing technology to the forefront of education with affordable projectors that provide longevity, convenience, and image quality to create a cutting-edge teaching and learning experience products.
* A BIG MOTIVATOR FOR HIRES JUST OUT OF SCHOOL is cutting-edge technology that frees them to focus on their work while making them feel they work for a progressive firm.
Assessment of Couples and Families: Contemporary and Cutting-Edge Strategies.
The Bloodhounds of Naval Weapons Test Squadron Point Mugu are a combat support unit, providing naval warfighters with systems improvements to enhance their ability to "put missiles in enemy cockpits and strike weapons through their front doors." The squadron achieves its mission by conducting and supporting cutting-edge research, development, and test and evaluation of naval combat systems.
Throughout the region, electronics industry experts have recently noted the increase in the sales of top quality home entertainment products--such as cutting-edge DVD recorders, high definition and enhanced definition digital televisions, plasma televisions and high quality home projectors.