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a tool used for cutting or slicing

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Mombasa residents soon will be required to explain why they need pangas, large knives and other cutting implements.
STAYING SHARP USE a whetstone or file to sharpen - it's not just the obvious cutting implements that need attention.
Researchers generally agree that stone cutting implements with ground, beveled edges were once attached to handles in Australia, Bowdler says.
Thirty of the murders were conducted with a gun while 12 were with cutting implements. The majority of the victims were between the ages of 25 and 35.
- Conditions for reusable cooking and dining cutting implements that are intended for short periods with heat or at room temperature.
Hickey is a design engineer for surgical cutting implements and the work has brought him to Carraigtowhill in east Cork.
Though both cutting implements are efficient in cutting typical materials that would be present in an entanglement situation, ideally the implement that requires the least amount of muscle activation would be more biomechanically suited in attempt to decrease overuse injury susceptibility.
Several hundred double-edged cutting implements discovered at nine sites in southwestern Crete date to at least 130,000 years ago and probably much earlier, according to archaeologist Thomas Strasser of Providence College in Rhode Island.
Blades are assumed to be more ef Bcient cutting implements. However, this is now questioned by transatlantic research.
I took the head butcher and we went out and bought the best knives and other cutting implements we could find.
Knives aren't the simple cutting implements they once were either.
So the Lord of Second Chances gets to work, pulling out minerals and chemicals, hoses and stakes, rakes and hoes and cutting implements. The process can seem formidable, and the transformation will not come without cost.
Prior studies also have associated self-cutting with increased risk for HIV because self-cutters might share cutting implements.
Our hero uses his deadly collection of cutting implements to battle a new breed of evil blood-suckers which preys on both vampires and humans.