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the angle between the face of a cutting tool and the surface of the work

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The PDC cutter stress mainly within 180[degrees] arc of PCD layer, and it is the cutting angle [theta], eat into strata depth [DELTA]h, WOB (Weight on Bit) and lithology of a relationship.
The total flux ratio of OLEDs with a 40[degrees] cutting angle substrate achieves 43.2%, as indicated from Figure 3(b).
Selecting the correct rotor with a suitable cutting angle for the particular polymer is of vital importance in minimizing fines during processing.
The machine's wide cutting angle ranges between 10[degrees]-68[degrees] which, combined with oscillating double blade technology, makes thinner cuts possible.
With the increase of cutting speed, cutting step and cutting angle, the chip reduction coefficient of is decreased.
The "buffalo," as we call it, is a hydraulic metal cutting machine, capable of cutting angle iron, flat bar, and round stock, as well as making notches or holes.
You program the bits individually, set up degree of the cutting angle, and let the machine do its thing."
The software automatically tilts the cutter away from the obstacle by the specified tolerance and then returns the cutting angle to the value set for the overall toolpath once the obstacle has been cleared.
Burke was held up short and Jamie Noon knocked on Tom May's tight pop-up after the winger had raced through on a cutting angle.
The nose of the knife holds the blade at the proper cutting angle, allowing the blade to dig into rough surfaces.
After reviewing the development and methods of manufacturing of MLW, this article describes our assessment of the influence on the main physical-mechanical features of cutting angle and bleaching treatment.
The Highgold Scissor features tungsten carbide cutting edges set at a higher cutting angle. This design, combined with one cutting edge being serrated, prevents tissue slippage.
This is said to reduce finger and wrist fatigue by creating the most efficient and comfortable cutting angle.
Other features include: a noload operating speed of 02,700 RPM, a lock to prevent accidental startup, toolless blade changes, an adjustable shoe for quickly changing the cutting angle and a claw to grip the branch you are cutting, for safer working.